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Golf fairway at dusk, Fairmont Grand Del Mar building in the background

Fairmont was the first luxury hotel brand to develop comprehensive on-site bee programming and is now considered an industry leader in this space. Our bees are located around the globe in over 20 hotels and counting.

The Grand Del Mar Honeybees

Fairmont Grand Del Mar is home to and provides sanctuary to two, fully established rescued honeybee colonies.  With as many 120,000 bees at the peak of the “Bee Season”, these pollinators are a driving force in revitalizing the native landscape of Southern California and invigorating the natural pollinator habitat. The colonies were humanely rescued from adverse residential spaces in San Diego County that would otherwise require extermination. The hives were rescued, safely relocated and gently rehabilitated by Bee Leaf USA.

The rescue hives live near the fourth hole on The Grand Golf Club’s golf course, surrounded by 400+ acres of coastal canyon with abundant sources of natural pollination and California wildflowers.  Additionally, the property grounds team utilizes pollen and nectar rich plants around property as much as possible to ensure the bees have access to a full diet throughout the year. This encourages healthy bees and a strong ecosystem.

The bees produce delicious, local and sustainably sourced honey for the resort to use in food and cocktail recipes, as well as for special amenities for hotel guests. As the bees grow more acclimated to their new home, they can produce as much as 200+ lbs of raw, natural honey, on an annual basis.

Partnership with Bee Leaf USA

Together with Bee Leaf USA, Fairmont Grand Del Mar developed the onsite honeybee program to help shift the negative paradigm about honeybees. The Rescue & Relocation program empowers resorts, restaurants, commercial buildings, and even sub-urban residents to engage in beekeeping at various levels with docile beehives that were at one point at risk of extermination. 

Bee Leaf USA was developed in 2015 with a mission to build bridges and encourage harmony within the Earth’s ecosystems through natural beekeeping and organic gardening. They focus on providing the bees the environmental support necessary to thrive in an effort to save, protect and support honeybees in their natural environment.  

Honeybee Harvest Dinner

October 6-8, 2020

Discover the sweetness of Fairmont Grand Del Mar’s honey — harvested on property and brought straight to the Amaya kitchen. A special four-course menu, including honey roasted beets and honey glazed sea bass, pair perfectly with honey-inspired cocktails and full-bodied wines to bring out the sweet, rich flavors.

The exclusive Honeybee Harvest menu is available Tuesday, October 6-Thursday, October 8 from 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Dinner: $85, add wine pairings for $145 per person.

Reservations are required and can be made online here or by calling 858.314.2727.

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