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The Spa’s expansive Fitness Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and features the latest in exercise technology, including Life Fitness treadmills with personal viewing stations, a range of exercise bikes, an Elliptical machine, and a comprehensive lineup of weight machines, free weights, stretching devices and exercise balls.

personal training

personal training

Selecting a personal trainer is the first step on the road to better health—and an enviable body. Our experts will create a custom program specifically tailored to your fitness level and goals. Having a personal trainer is a great way to inspire your workouts, prevent injury and achieve real results.

Single 60-minute Session $100
Eight 60-minute Sessions $700
Appointments: 858.314.2020

Spa Facilities


Physical Performance
90 minutes $250 Monday – Thursday, $270 Friday – Sunday
Physical Performance begins with initial testing to determine your current level of fitness, followed by a guided journey through a series of workouts that will challenge you and help you reach your physical wellness and fitness goals.
Golf Performance
90 minutes $250 Monday–Thursday, $270 Friday–Sunday
One of most important aspects of your golf game is your body. Is yours efficient for your swing? We will guide you through a series of physical screenings that will determine what physical limitations reside within your body. Each screening is directly related to a movement within the golf swing. These limitations will then be prescribed corrective exercises that will help you on your golf journey.

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